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Welcome traveller, to our tavern "The Laughing Elf"! Sit back and relax with this popular strategic card game. Play as either Human, Undead, Elf or Orc. Build a deck from 108 unique cards. Compete with friends and foes alike, in both local and online matches, or practice your skills against the Ai.
As you probably have noticed, the game draws a lot of inspiration from Hearthstone.

2player Online and Local Versus

Play time:
A match is about 15min long

Buy here (1$)

Release date:
April 2015

Development time:
4 weeks

Download Windows Port:
Download zip here.
It requires Windows, XNA4 and a Xbox controller.
There are no graphical options, this is just a quick port for testing. Online multiplayer doesn't work. Hiding the window during gameplay may cause the graphic buffer to crash, only way to restore it is to restart the game.


Screen Shots

I was showcasing my games at a big LAN convention in early 2015. When looking at the field of about 300 PC gamers, more than half of them played Hearthstone. That made me understand how big the game was.
I had just brought in a new person in my company, Martin Grönlund. So I thought a small game like this would be perfect to warm up our collaboration, before starting on the our giant, two year project of Lootfest PC.
This is the first game I haven't been completely alone on, and easily the most fun work I ever had. My (Fabian) biggest challenge was all the images I had to draw, I am at best a mediocre artist. Having a real artist would be nice, but I always had bad luck with those - most artist I tried working with have been slow, expensive, don't understand technical limits and loose interest half way through the project. It's just isn't worth all the hassle. Five different artists reached out to me when I announced the game, but non of them came further than sending me photos of pencil scetches.
I first tried drawing all images over a weekend, but that didn't work at all, quickly got sick of drawing. So instead I drew two images each morning and night, to split it up as much as possible. I set a timer and tried to keep each minion art under 20 minutes.
For the box art I actually had a person sitting as model for me.


Design, Art & Programming
Fabian "Viking" Jakobsson

Music, Sound & Programming
Martin "~" Grönlund

Main playtesters
The mysterious "MechaWho"
Pontus "CMPB" Bengtsson
Tobias "Deus" Lönnqvist
Michael "Quanrian" Quigley
Samuel Reneskog