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Flap your little wings to fly through a challenging course, but in the end you will fail!
This is a clone that preys on the success of an iPhone game, in hopes of a quick buck. All the money you waste on this title will be spent on my serious game project: "Lootfest".

Up to sixteen player shared screen local multiplayer. And 2-16 player local versus.
There is a Peer To Peer highscore sharing system.

Play time:
There is 20levels, about 4min each.

Time in development:
Three weeks


Release Trailer

Screen Shots

PC Download:
You can download the joust mode for Windows here.
It requires Windows, XNA4 and a Xbox controller.
There are no graphical options, this is just a quick port, the final game wont be on PC.

The day flappy bird was removed from sales, my friend Daniel was all over me about making a clone. I was stuck at some network bug on Lootfest so I thought I could take a short break from that. The development took me five days, working about 18hours a day - with the hopes of being the first on Xbox360. But two other clones where out already on my release, and there was a load more on the way.
I didn't try out Flappy Bird until my game was done to have as fresh mind about it as possible. Failing bird ended up being more about timing and careful tapping.
I thought I would get loads of hate when I started on the game but all my friends and fans has been really supportive. I'm a bit against money grabbing clones, but on the other hand I blame the customers to support that type of behaviour.
The flappy bird creator removed his game with the words "the game has destroyed my life", after that has the rumours gone through the roof. A spooky coincidence happened to me: A fellow XNA creator, of the clone called "FlappyAvatar", reported that his grandmother died when he started working on his game. Same tragedy happened to me, which basically led to my insomnia and work abuse.

In loving memory of my grandmother, Margit Hansen.