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This is a simple but fun game. Kill monsters, loot them for gold, buy bigger weapons. Enjoy a top view adventure game with classic controls, where your goal is to find and destroy the three evil bosses that are terrorizing your country.

Four player splitscreen

Play time:
1 hour

Time in development:
3 months

Out since 2011 on Xbox Live Inde Games
Buy here (80msp/1$)


Screen Shots

The idea for Lootfest started to grow around year 2000. I always liked strategy games, but I don't wanna play as an invisible hand. Instead it would be cool to play as the commander on the ground, and see the world from his eyes. By then I didn't know much programming, I made an attempt for a board game but after a few tests the project died out.
When I got into making games for XBOX the idea got new fire. My absolute dream project was to make something that is a mix of the strategy in Rome Total War and having a character like classic Zelda. But its easy to realize that a project in that scale is way to big for one person.
Then Minecraft came, with all the hype around it. That made me realize that I could try to release my game in segments, starting off with a simple zelda style game and then add more advanced gameplay and strategy elements for each version. Currently I plan to make a new update each half a year.
A lot of people compare Lootfest with 3D Dot Game Heroes. And it's true that the visual style is a great inspiration. I remember the first time I saw the game and thought "damn! I wish I had that idea first". At first I didn't wanna be a copycat and planned to make it more like Lumberjack, a combination of 3d terrain and flat sprites. But when everybody else was making cube game I couldn't help myself to follow the trend. It also fits my purpose to make random levels, enemies, weapons and equipment.
I have already started to work on Lootfest2, planned release is in December this year.

Fabian 'Viking' Jakobsson

Max 'Maxintoch' Björkegren | facebook

Main Playtesters
David 'Kattpojken' Stenström
Jonas 'Hårfager' Andersson
Samuel Reneskog
Michael 'Limerock' Lindholm
Game dev blog
Concept art

Tried out different textures in a 3d modelling program before I started working on the game

My first character design, later desided to go with a much larger head to give more personality into the few blocks I had

A design suggestion for dialogue made by Maxintoch, in one of our brainstorms. Having a square background didn't work well with all the streching that had to made for fitting all resolutions people might play in.

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