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Lootfest is back for everyone who loves classic adventure games. With more monsters, weapons, missions and of course - more loot!
Explore a large world with your friends, using an easy drop-in multiplayer. Any combination of split screen and online gameplay is supported.

Any combination of 4 players split screen and 5 gamers online coop. The multiplayer is fully drop in/out at any moment during the game.

Play time:
5 hours

Time in development:
1 year

Xbox360 Live Inde Games.
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Release Trailer

Teaser Trailer

Screen Shots

Lootfest1 was my fist successful game. I made it when I needed a break from my current project "The Lumberjack" that I had been working on for two years. The main imspiration to the game was the tight combat in the first Zelda for NES. The visual style did I borrow from "3D Dot Game Heroes", but most people think I got the inspiration from "Minecraft" of course. The blocks fitted me perfect, Ive always been highly interested of generating algorithms for games.

In the first Lootfest the gameplay is completely in 2D, so I had to figure out how to make a real 3D game. The addition of online multiplayer was a hard choice, I think the game could have been finished 6months earlier if it wasnt for the multiplayer. In the end is friends inviting eachother the best commercial I can get.
In the beginning the game was much more open without forced tutorials. But in all the playtests the players ran straight in to the unknown without even picking their startup equipment. I've learned a lot about the psychology of players who try a new game, in most cases players are very impatient the first 5minutes and just wanna run around and kill some monsters. If they like the initial gameplay they often settle down and wanna learn more about the background story. I think the best startup in a game is: first 5min of free fighting with a overpowered equipment with a hint of the control setup. Then the player should start with a fresh character and get a equipment/job/appearance selection screen. Then some small fight, and after that the game can start running its dialogues and tutorials.
I first had you work for Granpa in the home town. I had to cut down the missions to the bare minimum be course the player will stop paying attention if the dialogue is more than three sentences long. So they ended up sounding pretty demanding - like "do this!", "go there!". Be course Granpa is a very nice character, I replaced him with a demanding father, and he ended up being one of the key characters in the game.
I first announced Lootfest2 release summer 2012, but I was not happy with the result - the world just felt dead and empty. My school also took more time than I hoped for, making me moving the deadline forward a few times. If I learned one thing from this game is that I should keep my mouth shut about the release dates until Im certain about them.

I plan a big update of Lootfest2 later this year. I have a few thing I wasn't able to finish in time like the giant monsters and magic crafting. Also wanna make a more fun ending to the game. And of course a lot of polish and bug fixes.
I wanna keep making more follow up games to the Lootfest series, I have a ton of ideas and probably wont be able to realize half of them during my lifetime. I currently plan to make the next Lootfest be about rinding animals in some knights tale.
Indie games wont be on the new xbox so that might become an end to my development in 1-2years, not sure where to go after that.